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I love the look of basically all dirt paths.

Saving this for my new town!



()☆゚.*・。*:・゚.*・。* source

Similar paths by the same person: here here & here


Someone at my school made these in response to my principal announcing a dress code that, as usual, only applied to girls, and I’m kind of proud


First of my path QR codes! This one is a pretty versatile set of patterns. You can run narrow straight paths, or tile the horizontal and vertical pieces with the rose square to get all kinds of designs. I’ve created a few different layouts with these in Bumbury if you want to have a look at some of the possibilities. DC:5700-2203-2275

Also keeping an archive of my Animal Crossing QR codes over on Dolly Daydream . To make them easy to find.

I’ll have more of the path QR codes people have asked for up soon, my alternate characters have just about won Sable over!


I’ve been searching for a simple path that doesn’t take up lots of space and blends with the grass for Spring but I couldn’t find one, so I made it myself! I’m not sure how it looks with other grass types, but it blends really well with the circle grass. If you try it out on other types, let me know how it looks and whatnot. When the seasons change I’ll probably post these again with matching grass.

I got the idea from Rae’s beautiful town and took her advice and made the path myself and yes the flower colours are similar to hers in this area but it’s my favourite part of my town atm cuz I recently reset (hence the bad hair and lack of nice clothes).

Anyway if you use it I’d love to see screenshots! 


I have her room completely perfect expect for that god damn modern cabinet.